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This wiki provides information of a more fluid or dynamic nature than the documentation included in the distribution. Information here may well be folded into the documentation.

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This is not the place for random discussion, nor for asking questions. Please use the mailing lists for that - you'll get an answer more quickly!


Understanding and using Xapian:


Examples and contributed code:

  • SampleCode: Sample code using xapian, in various languages
  • Many of the Articles also contain example code
  • OmegaExample: A complete example tutorial on installing Xapian, Omega and generating an index
  • ScriptindexExample: An example of how to use scriptindex and perl to create a database for use with Omega.

Packaging Xapian:

  • PackagingXapian: Tips for those wanting to build binary packages of Xapian

Development and internals of Xapian:

  • RoadMap: Plans for the future
  • ProfilingXapian: How to generate profiling data to help us optimise slow cases.
  • FlintBackend/Structure: Details of the Flint database backend (the default backend in 1.0.x releases)
  • AutomatedBuilds: Keeping tabs on Xapian's automatic building and testing framework
  • ActiveBranches: Details of the currently active git branches
  • Licensing: Details about current license and possible license changes

Also specific to this wiki:

Your tickets (NB you must be logged in to see these):

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