Active Branches

These are the known currently active branches:

Name Base revision Status Owner Description
master Development Development towards 1.5 development series.
1.4 Maintenance Maintenance of the 1.4 release series.
matchspy svnmerge Experimental Richard MatchSpy classes implementing facet selection and tag reporting. See ticket #199 for details.
geospatial svnmerge Experimental Richard Geospatial matching (e.g. distance restriction on results). Note: see ticket #481 for details, and an up-to-date patch
brass-btree svnmerge Development Olly Developing a new B-tree manager for the glass backend.
2009-documentation-changes ? ? James Working on documentation changes to fit in a redesigned website(?)

Active branches in git:

Name Status Owner Description
nsmetanin Development Nikita Smetanin Spelling Correction Improvements project for GSoC 2011
atia Development Dai Youli Chinese Segmentation Analysis project for GSoC 2011

Inactive Branches

These branches are no longer active:

Name Branch-point Status Owner Description
1.2 Not recorded Retired Maintenance of the 1.2 release series.
clustering svnmerge Developed further and merged for Xapian 1.5.0 Richard Clustering algorithms. Developed during GSoC 2016 and 2017 and merged to git master.
imgseek 12287 Experimental Richard Image content matching, based on imgseek.
coloursim svnmerge Experimental Richard Experiments with colour similarity matching.
lemur-ogs-hack ? ? Tom "nasty application-specific hack to generate external weights from value-based expressions and allow this to be used remotely using a special term prefix"
xappy svnmerge Obsolete Richard Branch combining patches from trac tickets and feature branches to be used with xappy, which is no longer being developed
1.0 Not recorded Retired Maintenance of the 1.0 release series.
0.9 Not recorded Retired Maintenance of the 0.9 release series.
utf8 Not recorded Merged for Xapian 1.0.0 Olly UTF-8 support.
valuestreams 11098 Fully merged Olly Streamed values for faster access during matching.
lazyupdate 11390 Fully merged Richard Lazy update to allow faster update to existing documents.
opsynonym 12609 Fully merged for 1.1.1 Richard OP_SYNONYM query operator.
postingsources 13195 Mainly merged for 1.1.3. Richard Now contains only the LimitedValueWeightPostingSource.
chert-shallower-btree svnmerge Savings too tiny to justify risk of destabilising code Olly Specialise chert block format for a shallower Btree.
stemrefcnt 10134 Experimental Richard Reference counted subclassing for stemmers.
gsoc2009-kosei svnmerge Merged for 1.2.4 Kosei Developing SWIG-based Perl bindings.
end-iterator-proxies svnmerge Merged for 1.3.0 (with a change of approach) Olly Investigating making i != obj.foo_end() compile to a NULL pointer check
sabrina Not recorded Fully merged Xiaona Han Support Lua project for GSoC 2011
query-internal-reimplementation Not recorded Fully merged for 1.3.0 Olly Reimplementing the internals of Xapian's Query class to be saner (also smaller and faster)
gsoc2011-parth svnmerge Fully merged for 1.3.1 Parth Gupta Learning to Rank project for GSoC 2011
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