Frequently Asked Questions

  1. FAQ/CommercialLicence: Is a commercial licence available?
  2. FAQ/ContributingToXapian: How do I contribute to Xapian?
  3. FAQ/CorrectPronunciation: How should I pronounce "Xapian"?
  4. FAQ/DatabaseSize: What size should I expect my Xapian database to be?
  5. FAQ/EliteSet: What is OP_ELITE_SET for? How does it differ from OP_OR?
  6. FAQ/ExtraWeight: How can I apply extra weight to terms from particular fields?
  7. FAQ/FindSimilar: How can I implement a "find documents like this one" feature?
  8. FAQ/MoreAccurateEstimates: How can I make MSet::get_matches_estimated() more accurate?
  9. FAQ/MultiDatabaseDocumentID: When searching over multiple databases, how do I convert an MSet entry …
  10. FAQ/NoMatches: Why don't my queries return any results (or the results I expect)?
  11. FAQ/OmegaNewFileFormat: How can I add support for a new file format to Omega?
  12. FAQ/OmegaRDBMS: Can Omega index a relational database?
  13. FAQ/PHP Bindings Package: What happened to the PHP bindings packages?
  14. FAQ/PerlWrappers: Which Perl wrapper should I use?
  15. FAQ/PythonWrappers: Which Python wrapper should I use?
  16. FAQ/RubyWrappers: Which Ruby wrapper should I use?
  17. FAQ/Snippets: How can I generate a highlighted sample from a matching document?
  18. FAQ/StrictBoolean: How can I implement a strict boolean query?
  19. FAQ/TermGenerator: How does TermGenerator differ from add_posting() and add_term()?
  20. FAQ/UniqueIds: How do I use unique ids with Xapian?
  21. FAQ/UnstemmingTerms: How can I reverse the actions of Xapian::Stem to produce a list of …

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