Release Notes for 1.0.7

Please don't "report" new problems by adding them here as they may not be noticed. Instead use the bug tracker or mailing lists to report problems. You'll certainly get a much quicker response that way.

Any patch files linked to below have been generated with the diff utility, and can be applied with the patch utility to a source tree, which you'll then need to recompile and reinstall. If you aren't already familiar with applying patches, see these helpful instructions (courtesy of the Drupal project, but very little is Drupal-specific).


  • When results are being sorted primarily by an order other than relevance (e.g. sort_by_value()), the percentage values returned by the MSet object may be incorrect because they are calculated based on the document in the portion of the MSet requested which has the highest weight, instead of the document matching the query which has the highest weight. For more details, and a workaround, see ticket #216.
  • On windows, the testsuite will fail qp_stem_scale in queryparsertest. This is a problem with the timer used in the testcase on windows (which doesn't have sufficient resolution to determine whether the test has passed or not). This problem is purely in the testcase, and will not affect code using Xapian on windows.
  • A bug (#287) was introduced into Flint in version 1.0.3 which causes database corruption in rare cases when all remaining references to a term are removed. The bug results in some stray chunks being left in the postlist table for these entries. Affected databases can be fixed by using copydatabase to produce a copy with a clean postlist table. Apply this patch to fix the problem.


  • On some platforms fails to compile due to missing #include <signal.h> (problem noted on FreeBSD; Linux apparently implicitly includes this header from another which is included). Apply this patch if you get a compilation failure.


No known issues.

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