Release Notes for 1.0.6

Please don't "report" new problems by adding them here as they may not be noticed. Instead use the bug tracker or mailing lists to report problems. You'll certainly get a much quicker response that way.

Any patch files linked to below have been generated with the diff utility, and can be applied with the patch utility to a source tree, which you'll then need to recompile and reinstall. If you aren't already familiar with applying patches, see these helpful instructions (courtesy of the Drupal project, but very little is Drupal-specific).


  • We made a mistake updating the library version information - the comment was updated to note that it should be 20:0:5 for 1.0.6, but we left the actual value at 19:0:4.

This isn't really really bad as the two versions are upwardly compatible, but it does mean that there could be problems with applications using the new features in 1.0.6 (Unicode::toupper(), Query::OP_VALUE_GE, and Query::OP_VALUE_LE) which have been linked against vanilla 1.0.6 thinking they'll work fine with 1.0.5. Both Omega 1.0.6 and xapian-bindings 1.0.6 fall into this category.

We recommend applying this patch, particularly if you are packaging xapian-core.

  • In particular circumstances, searching a writable quartz or flint database (for flint, the reported error incorrectly suggests the problem is zlib related). Apply this patch to fix the problem. This bug is #259.
  • There is a longstanding issue with percentage weight values which may cause inconsistent values to be reported for the percentage score between requests for different portions of the MSet, when the primary sort isn't by relevance. The fix is likely to be rather invasive, so since the effect of the bug isn't disasterous, this might not get fixed on the 1.0 branch. We hope to include a fix in 1.1.0. Issue #216 is tracking the problem.
  • OP_VALUE_RANGE, OP_VALUE_GE and OP_VALUE_LE queries have problems with deleted documents, or databases in which the document IDs are sparse for other reasons (generally, if document IDs were explicitly specified for the documents using replace_document()). This will not manifest if a OP_VALUE_* query is used as a filter on an existing query, but in other types of query, invalid document IDs may be returned, or DocNotFoundError may be thrown. The problem is fixed in SVN, and the fix will be included in the 1.0.7 release.


  • On some platforms fails to compile due to missing #include <signal.h> (problem noted on FreeBSD; Linux apparently implicitly includes this header from another which is included). Apply this patch if you get a compilation failure.


No known issues.

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