Community Bonding Period: May 6 – May 27

● Learnt about Bindings and wrote tests for letor module.

Coding Week 1: May 28-June 3

● Wrote more tests for letor module.

Coding Week 2: June 4-June 10

● Wrote more tests for letor module.
● Discussed about adding PIMPL implementation about feature class.

Coding Week 3: June 11-June 17

● Added PIMPL implementation of feature class and modified the api design to make some optimisations regarding sharing the Feature::Internal object among all the features in the featurelist object so that maps related to statistics do not get copied for every feature.
● Wrote xapianletor-config script and related macros.
● Fix bug in

Coding Week 4: June 18-June 24

● Finish writing xapianletor-config script and related macros.
● Tested xapian-letor through xapian-evaluation code and fixed bugs in xapian-evaluation.
● Compared the performance of letor with other weighting schemes and also among different rankers.
● Fix Bugs in ranker api.
● Address review comments from mentors and made necessary changes to #255,#259,#260 and #261.

Coding Week 5: June 25-July 1 (first evaluation June 24-28)

● Made xapian-letor officially releasable by fixing the errors in make dist and make distcheck.

Coding Week 6: July 2-July 8

● Fixed parse_query_string method
● Fixed score method
● Made changes suggested by mentors in open PRs

Coding Week 7: July 9-July 15

● Wrote Python3 bindings for letor and opened #270.

Coding Week 8: July 16-July 22

● Continued working on #270
● Wrote example code in python3.

Coding Week 9: July 23-July 29 (second evaluation July 22-26)

● Reviewed the implementation of features, rankers, scorers and the ranker API.

Coding Week 10: July 30-August 5

● Continue checking the implementation of rankers and found several major bugs.

Coding Week 11: August 6-August 12

● Fixed the implementation of rankers.
● Found and fixed indexing errors in ranker API and xapian-evaluation code.
● Added Xavier initialization and bias term and released #278

Submit code and evaluations: August 13-August 21 (final evaluation August 19-26)

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