Google Summer of Code 2017

Xapian is a mentoring organisation for GSoC in 2017. You can also see a summary of our involvement in other years.


We received many strong applications, and had four slots from Google to allocate. It wasn't easy to decide, but these are the projects we selected:


This table is intended to give a rough idea when you are more likely to find us on IRC. Students should please remember to ask questions publicly, either via the mailing list or on IRC, rather than contacting any particular mentor directly.

"XX" means "very likely"; "??" means "some likelihood".

Time (NZST) +1200121314151617181920212223000102030405060708091011
Time (IST) +053005.3006.3007.3008.3009.3010.3011.3012.3013.3014.3015.3016.3017.3018.3019.3020.3021.3022.3023.3000.3001.3002.3003.3004.30
Time (BST) +0100010203040506070809101112131415161718192021222300
Time (UTC) Offset000102030405060708091011121314151617181920212223
James Aylett +0100 ??XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX????????????
Olly Betts +1200XXXXXXXXXXXX???????????? ????XXXX
Tim McNamara +1200????????????????XXXX???? ????????
Gaurav Arora +05300 ??????XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX??
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