Community Bonding Week 1: April 25-May 1

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Community Bonding Week 2: May 2-May 8

Community Bonding Week 3: May 9-May 15

Community Bonding Week 4: May 16-May 22

Coding Week 1: May 23-May 29

  • Based on Richard Boulton's clustering API designed before, started designing the API which will be required for implementing KMeans
  • Started work on the 28th, due to exams

Coding Week 2: May 30-June 5

  • Designed most of the API
  • Started testing the API by the end of this time period

Coding Week 3: June 6-June 12

  • Resolved all the build issues that were coming up
  • Faced problems with running testsuite
  • Implemented euclidian similarity metric
  • Opened a PR for the API that was designed

Coding Week 4: June 13-June 19

  • Implemented RoundRobin clusterer (as suggested by James to convert it into a minimal system)
  • Changed some parts of the API to make RoundRobin work
  • Added tests

Coding Week 5: June 20-June 26

  • Fixed and cleaned code in the PR
  • Finished implementation of a temporary API and RoundRobin clusterer
  • Started KMeans implementation
  • IRC meeting and discussed issues that could come up during implementing PSO going forward

Coding Week 6: June 27-July 3 (Midterm deadline June 27)

Coding Week 7: July 4-July 10

Coding Week 8: July 11-July 17

Coding Week 9: July 18-July 24

Coding Week 10: July 25-July 31

Coding Week 11: August 1-August 7

Coding Week 12: August 8-August 14

Submit code and evaluations: August 15-August 23

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