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Community Bonding Week 2: April 28-May 4

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Community Bonding Week 3: May 5-May 11

Community Bonding Week 4: May 12-May 19

May 19

  • Write a ndcg scorer(input: a labeled ranklist,output: ndcg socre)

Coding Week 1: May 20-May 25

Coding Week 2: May 26-June 1

May 26

  • In previous edition, the ranker return a vector of scores of documents. Then will sort the documents according to their scores. In order to use the metric module, I modify the return type of ranker::rank function. Now, the svmranker will directly return a sorted ranklist.

May 27

  • add a sort function into ranklist which sort the feature vector according its socre. In the training process, ranker just update the score in each feature vector. After training process, ranker can return the final ranked ranklist by calling the sort function in the ranklist.

May 28

  • discuss the new structure of the mset with Jiarong. I will continue my work on the ranklist and finish the listnet ASAP. Then we will have a meeting before the midterm to discuss the specific APIs of letor module. Jiarong will refactor the existing code according the new mset(take the place of ranklist) and I will adjust my code later on.
  • update some functions in ranklist and svmrank. remove the current listnet and listmle from makefile.

May 29

  • fix some bugs
  • add the ERR scorer into (need to be tested tomorrow)
  • push recent prograss onto github(branch: gsoc2014)

May 30

Coding Week 3: June 2-June 8

June 2

  • As James's comments, clear the format(delete all the test code, add some annotations and fix the bug of "Dangling else") of

June 3

  • JiaRong will design the APIs for Letor, so I will rewirte the ListNet and ListMLE first.
  • Read the paper of ListNet again
  • New a new file of listnetranker(have not push it onto github yet)

June 4

  • fix the bug in ranklist::sort_by_score() and move the rank function from specific ranker(svmranker) into ranklist
  • find something need to be discuss in the letor model, and I will write a E-mail to discuss the problem with the community tomorrow.

June 5

  • consider the workflow of letor module and write a E-mail to discuss my thinking with the community.
  • Read the paper of ListMLE

Coding Week 4: June 9-June 15

June 9

  • rename svmranker to svm_ranker
  • delete existing listmle and listnet
  • add a listnet_ranker and finish its framework

June 10

  • in order to identify easily, rename some function
  • add a get_fcount() function to get the feature number from featurevector
  • finish full implemetation of rank() and partial implemetation of train_model() in

June 11

  • add the crossEntropy() function to compute the cross entropy

June 12

  • implement the train_model() according to the paper

Coding Week 5: June 16-June 22

Coding Week 6: June 23-June 29 (Midterm deadline June 27)

June 24

  • move the get_cwd() into ranker
  • finish the load and save model function in listnet function

June 26

  • add two options into questletor to call the special ranker and metric

Coding Week 7: June 30-July 6

June 30

  • in order to assign the metric when the ranker created, design and implement a new structure of scorer

July 2

  • compare the listNet with ranklib, optimize some code

July 3

  • write a mail to ask for the details of the listnet
  • read the paper of ListMLE

Coding Week 8: July 7-July 13

July 8

  • finish the framework of ListMLE

July 9

  • do some optimizations on the ListNet

July 10

  • find and read three open source implementations of ListMLE

July 11

  • finish the main training process of ListMLE

Coding Week 9: July 14-July 20

July 14

  • finish the rest part of ListMLE

July 15

  • add some comments and push recent work onto github
  • todo: modify the hard code in featuremanager(the length of the feature list, now the feature stored from 1, not 0)

July 17

  • read the paper of adarank
  • todo: Jiarong seems to have finished the new MSet, need to have a look at his work

Coding Week 10: July 21-July 27

July 21

  • read two open source implementations of Adarank, compare thier code to the paper
  • finish the framework of Adarank

July 22

  • finish the main training process of Adarank

July 25

  • finish the rest part of Adarank
  • todo: need to optimize the process to get the feature length of the training set

Coding Week 11: July 28-August 3

August 2

  • read the paper of Borda Fuse for ranking aggregation module

August 3

  • finish the ranking aggregation module(temporarily add a function in now)

Coding Week 12: August 4-August 10

August 4

  • read the code of new MSet designed by Jiarong and learn the usage of "rebase"

August 8

  • read some materials about letor4.0 dataset and consider the framework of the evaluation

August 10

  • begin to write the framework of the evaluation, on a new branch gsoc2014-evaluation.

Coding Week 13: August 11-August 18 (Final evaluation based on work up to August 18)

August 12

  • finish the evaluation framework.

August 13

  • made some modifications to accommodate the letor4.0 dateset and finish a basic evaluation.

August 15

  • finish the evaluation work.
  • write a reprot. Report

August 17

  • clear code and add some copyright information.
  • add more details into the reprot. Report
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