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Community Bonding Week 2: April 28-May 4

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Community Bonding Week 3: May 5-May 11

Community Bonding Week 4: May 12-May 19

Coding Week 1: May 20-May 25

Coding Week 2: May 26-June 1

Coding Week 3: June 2-June 8

June 5

Talked with jaylett about the clustering api and started writing the header and a simple implementation of KMeans

June 6

[Offline]Wrote a tf-idf implementation. Checked the api for Document and the older implementation, but failed to check weight.h

June 7&8

[Offline]Minor changes to api

Coding Week 4: June 9-June 15

June 9

Implemented KMeans. Noticed weight.h

June 10-13

Reimplemented everything because of a "git clean -fdx" executed at the wrong time when cleaning the repository before the commit

Coding Week 5: June 16-June 22

June 16

Fixed most issues mentioned by olly and improved the types involved while at it.

June 17

[Offline] Not too much. Changed a few more issues.

June 18

Fixed all issues. Started writing tests.

Coding Week 6: June 23-June 29 (Midterm deadline June 27)

Coding Week 7: June 30-July 6

Coding Week 8: July 7-July 13

Coding Week 9: July 14-July 20

Coding Week 10: July 21-July 27

Coding Week 11: July 28-August 3

Coding Week 12: August 4-August 10

Coding Week 13: August 11-August 18 (Final evaluation based on work up to August 18)

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