Revised Roadmap (In the order of the things to be done)

Completion/Modification/Addition in the things done till now (Approximate Time: 1 - 2 weeks)

  • Do the needful changes/modifications that may still be required in the queryparser doc.
  • To add the flag(s) to turn on or off the error recovery code.
  • To add the flag(s) to mark if the query has been modified through a particular error recovery code.
  • To do accordingly after the review on present solutions.

Do things related to POS tagging. (Approximate Time: 3 - 4 weeks)

  • Explore Link Grammar and its code, and figure out how to use that.
  • Integrate the POS tagging in the indexer, i.e. termgenerator.
  • Add testcases for the indexer corresponding to the above change.
  • Integrate the POS tagging with the queryparser, so as to control the queries generated.
  • Add testcases for queryparser corresponding to the above change.
  • Add in the documentation stating the new POS tagging feature added.

Work on the additions proposed in the syntax (Approximate Time: 1.5 - 2 weeks)

  • Finalize what thing(s) need to be done from the suggestions proposed earlier to expand the syntax.
  • Do them.
  • Add the appropriate testcases for the new feature(s) in the syntax.
  • Add the corresponding in the documentation.

7-8 weeks make it to around August 8.

Issues to be dealt with/ Points to be followed

  • The Journal
    • After using blogging for 3-4 posts, I feel that blogging is a way to summarize the work done, but i think for a regular update type of thing, it would be better to use the Journal as some of the other GSoC participants are doing. This shall ensure that I myself am clear as to how the things are going and will also make it possible and easier for others to review as to how I am proceeding and keep track of that.
    • The blog then could do the functionality of summarizing the work done in the week or so.
    • Have set up the Journal on Wiki. Shall be using this regularly from now on.
  • TODO in Github repository and GSoC Wiki page.
    • TODO on Github will thus become the replica of the Journal, since each time something is done, will add the info about that in the TODO as well as in the jounal. But the Journal shall be the better place to look out for the progress.
    • Correspondingly have added a TODOS in wiki page also. This one shall denote the things done (same as mentioned in Journal) as well as pending things to be done in the near future.
  • Be regular for commits on the branch on Github.
  • Don't delay the whole reply to any mail due to one-two unanswered things.
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