QueryParser Reimplementation

Name Sehaj Singh Kalra
IRC nick sehaj-sk, gsoc_ssk
Timezone UTC+5:30
Work hours 8:00-16:00 UTC
Official mentor Dan Colish
Code repository
GSoC Blog

My GSOC 2012 project is “Query Parser Reimplementation”. The aim of this project is to improve the current Xapian::QueryParser class. Currently this class is based on a parser generated using the lemon parser generator. For a computer language/ formally specified language, there are BNF Grammar rules (unambiguous and formally specified), hence their parser can be easily developed through parser generators. But in search engines, this is not the case. My project aims to develop a query parser that is more lenient, has good error recovery process, has features like spelling suggestions and overcomes the other shortcomings of the current parser.

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