Please feel free to add new entries and update existing ones (please note if you didn't build and run "make check" on all components).

The executive summary is that, provided you have a compiler with decent ISO C++11 support, Xapian should work on modern Unix or Unix-like platforms, and Microsoft Windows.

In particular, 64 bit platforms are well supported (we do a lot of development work on x86-64 Linux), as are both big and little endian platforms.

However we don't regularly test on all possible platform and compiler combinations, so regressions in support are possible. If you hit a problem, please open a ticket with details.


If you're using GCC, 4.7 is the minimum supported version for Xapian 1.4.x.

Recent versions of clang work too (older versions didn't support C++ well).

On Microsoft Windows, you can build using Cygwin or Mingw GCC, or with MSVC.


Adding Entries

If you try a platform not listed here (or try a newer version on a listed platform) we'd love to hear - please at least include the OS version (e.g. output from "uname -a"), compiler and version (e.g. output from g++ -v), and any switches you passed to configure. Please also run "make check" and tell us if any tests fail.

1.4.x (and for now 1.3.x)

Arch Platform Compiler VersionStatusSourceNotes / requirements
ppc64 Linux Fedora 18 GCC 4.7.2 ~1.3.2 Passed builtbot (gcc compile farm gcc110)
x86 Linux Gentoo GCC 4.7.3 ~1.3.2 Passed buildbot (jbergstrom)
x86_64 Linux Debian 7.2 GCC 4.7.2 1.3.1 Passed (atreus)
x86_64 Linux Debian 7.2 GCC 4.7.2 ~1.3.2 Passed buildbot (xapian-vm)
x86_64 Mac OS X 10.8 GCC 4.2.1 ~1.3.2 Passed buildbot (jaylett)
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