Release Overview for 1.4.18

This page contains a high level description of the most notable changes in this release. For full details of user-visible changes, see the NEWS files in each module:

See also the full list of bug reports marked as fixed in this release.


  • QueryParser::FLAG_ACCUMULATE: New flag. Previously the unstem and stoplist data was always reset by a call to QueryParser::parse_query(), which makes sense if you use the same QueryParser object to parse a series of independent queries. If you're using the same QueryParser object to parse several fields on the same query form, you may want to have the unstem and stoplist data combined for all of them, in which case you can use this flag to prevent this data from being reset.


  • Assorted portability improvements.


  • omindex: Add support for indexing OpenXPS, which is effectively the same as XPS internally in ways we care about, but it uses a different mimetype and a different filename extension.
  • Explicitly use OR for MORELIKE queries.

Since 1.3.0 the default value of DEFAULTOP has been AND, which typically makes MORELIKE queries much less useful since they'll only match documents containing all the terms from the query expansion. We now explicitly insert " OR " between the terms if DEFAULTOP hasn't been set to OR, which makes them work much more like they did in 1.2.x.

  • Make $stoplist and $unstem consider all query strings by always passing the new Xapian::QueryParser::FLAG_ACCUMULATE flag.
  • Add $foreach command which works like $map, but just concatenates the evaluated results rather than adding tabs to turn them into an OmegaScript list.
  • Extend $include{} to allow handling failure to open the specified file via an optional second argument which if specified will be evaluated and returned instead. Patch from Gaurav Arora.
  • Support multiple MORELIKE parameters - we now form an RSet from all the specified documents and use that to generate the query to run (previously only one of multiple MORELIKE parameters was used).
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