Release Overview for 1.4.1

This page contains a high level description of the most notable changes in this release. For full details of user-visible changes, see the NEWS files in each module:

See also the full list of bug reports marked as fixed in this release.

  • Constructing a Query for a non-reference counted PostingSource object will now try to clone the PostingSource object (as happened in 1.3.4 and earlier). This clone code was removed as part of the changes in 1.3.5 to support optional reference counting of PostingSource objects, but that breaks the case when the PostingSource object is on the stack and goes out of scope before the Query object is used. Issue reported by Till Schäfer and analysed by Daniel Vrátil in a bug report against Akonadi:
  • New weighting schemes supported: BM25+, PL2+, Dir+, Coordinate Matching
  • Improvements and bug fixes to existing weighting scheme implementations: DLH, DPH, PL2, TF/IDF, LM and Bool. In particular, the PL2 implementation is now much more optimised.
  • The C++ API documentation is greatly improved - all features are now documented, existing documentation improved in places, and a modern version of doxygen used.
  • Python 2 & 3 bindings now work out of the box, which they didn't in 1.4.0.
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