Release Overview for 1.2.9

This page contains a high level description of the most notable changes made for release 1.2.9. For full details of user-visible changes, see the NEWS files in each module:

See also the full list of bug reports marked as fixed in 1.2.9.


  • Fix FLAG_AUTO_SYNONYMS not to enable auto multi-word synonyms too.


  • Address new warnings from GCC 4.6.
  • Fix argument order when linking xapian-check to fix mingw build. (ticket#567)
  • Add some missing explicit header includes to fix build with STLport.


  • Our HTML parser now ignores sections bracketed by <!--UdmComment--> and <!--/UdmComment-->, like we already do for <!--htdig_noindex-->.
  • omindex: Add more extensions to the default ignore list: bin dat db fon jar lnk pyc pyd pyo sqlite sqlite3 sqlite-journal tmp ttf


  • Handle an exception from C++ by raising a xapian.Error object as an error in Lua.
  • Rename get_description() methods to __tostring(), so that you can use write tostring(obj) in Lua.


  • Wrap Document::get_docid() method.
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