Release Overview for 1.2.11

This page contains a high level description of the most notable changes made for release 1.2.11. For full details of user-visible changes, see the NEWS files in each module:

See also the full list of bug reports marked as fixed in 1.2.11.


  • Add new QueryParser::STEM_ALL_Z stemming strategy, which stems all terms and adds a Z prefix. (Patch from Sehaj Singh Kalra, fixes #562)
  • Add TermGenerator::set_stemming_strategy() method, with strategies which correspond to those of QueryParser. Based on patch from Sehaj Singh Kalra, with some tweaks for adding term positions in more cases. (Fixes #563)
  • We were failing to call init() for user-defined Weight objects providing the term-independent weight. These now get called with init(0.0).
  • Xapian::Auto::open_stub() now throws a Xapian::DatabaseOpeningError exception if the stub file can't be opened. Previously we failed to check for this condition, which resulted in us treating the file as empty.


  • Fix API documentation for Query constructors - both OP_XOR and OP_ELITE_SET can take any number of subqueries, not only exactly two.


  • configure: Overhaul handling of compilers which pretend to be GCC. Clang is now detected, and we only pass it warning flags it actually understands. And we now check for symbol visibility support with Intel's compiler.
  • xapian.h: Add check for Qt headers being included before us and defining 'slots' as a macro - if they are, give a clear error advising how to work around this (previously compilation would fail with a confusing error).

Omega indexers

  • Change HTML parser's handling of multiple <body> tags and of text outside of <body> to match the behaviour of modern web browsers. (#599)

PHP bindings

  • Work around "undefined symbol: zend_error_noreturn" error.
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