Release Overview for 1.0.9

This page contains a high level description of the more notable changes made for release 1.0.9. For full details of user-visible changes, see the NEWS files in each module:

Spelling correction even faster

Database::get_spelling_suggestion() is now faster (15% speed up for parsing queries with FLAG_SPELLING_CORRECTION set in a test on real world data).

Fixed issues due to excess precision

A few platforms (notably x86 Linux) carry intermediate floating point results with more precision than stored floating point values.

  • Fix OP_ELITE_SET segmentation fault due to excess floating point precision.
  • Adjust percent cutoff calculations in the matcher in a way which corresponds to the change to percentage calculations made in 1.0.7 to allow for excess precision.

Query::MatchAll now gives equal weights

Query::MatchAll no longer gives match results ranked by increasing document length.

Flint Backend

xapian-compact: Fix crash while compacting spelling table for a single database when built with MSVC, and probably other platforms, though Linux got lucky and happened to work (bug#305).


copydatabase now copies user metadata.


The omega CGI binary now catches std::exception and reports what its what() method returns.


Added wrappers for Xapian::sortable_serialise() and Xapian::sortable_unserialise().

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