Release Overview for 1.0.4

This page contains a high level description of the more notable changes made for release 1.0.4. For full details, see the NEWS files in each module:


This new query operator allows the weights of a subquery to be scaled by a constant factor, which for example allows some fields to be treated as more important for ranking results.


A field prefix can now be mapped to more than one term prefix, allowing fields to be combined dynamically at search time.

A number of cases which failed to parse correctly have been fixed.

Handling of stem_strategy STEM_ALL has been fixed.

Matcher Fixes and Enhancements

Performance of OP_AND, OP_FILTER, OP_NEAR and OP_PHRASE has been sped up significantly.

Queries involving an OP_VALUE_RANGE filter have been sped up about 3.5 times.

A bug with handling the checkatleast parameter to Enquire::get_mset() with pure boolean queries has been fixed.

Flint backend

Fixed a bug introduced in 1.0.3 - trying to open a flint database for reading no longer fails if it isn't writable.

Remote Backend

The remote protocol minor version has been increased (to accommodate OP_SCALE_WEIGHT). If you are upgrading a live system which uses the remote backend, upgrade the servers before the clients.


Assorted minor documentation improvements.


If an OmegaScript template specifies the same field name as both a boolean and a probabilistic term prefix then previous the boolean setting would be ignored (e.g. $setmap{prefix,foo,A}$setmap{boolprefix,foo,H} ). Now this generates an error. If you set prefixes in your templates, you may wish to check them over before upgrading.


Wrap the new OP_SCALE_WEIGHT query operator, and corresponding Query constructor. The "bindings.html" file documenting each of the bindings has been renamed to "index.html".

Fix warnings when compiled with GCC 4.2.


The bindings are now generated with a newer SWIG snapshot which fixes memory leaks in wrapped constructors and methods/functions which return a wrapped class.


The non-pythonic iterators are now formally deprecated - use the pythonic iterators instead.

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