Release Overview for 1.0.21

This page contains a high level description of the most notable changes made for release 1.0.21. For full details of user-visible changes, see the NEWS files in each module:

See also the full list of bug reports marked as fixed in 1.0.21.

Xapian-core API

  • Xapian::Stem now recognises "nb" and "nn" as additional codes for the Norwegian stemmer.
  • Xapian::QueryParser now correctly parses a wildcarded term in between two other terms (ticket#484).


  • OP_OR could skip a matching document if it decayed to OP_AND or OP_AND_MAYBE during the match in some cases. Fixes ticket#476.
  • OP_XOR with non-leaf subqueries could skip matching documents in some cases, and OP_XOR of three or more sub-queries could return incorrect weights. Fixes ticket#475.
  • OP_OR is now more efficient if a subquery is potentially expensive (e.g. OP_VALUE_RANGE, OP_NEAR, OP_PHRASE, PostingSource). A 10-fold speed-up with OP_VALUE_RANGE has been observed.

Build System

  • Install files to make Xapian easier to use with cmake.


  • On x86 processors, Xapian now defaults to using SSE2 FP instructions. This avoids issues with excess precision and it a bit faster too. If you need to support processors without SSE2 (this means pre-Pentium4 for Intel) then configure with --disable-sse. (ticket#387)
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