Release Overview for 1.0.10

This page contains a high level description of the more notable changes made for release 1.0.10. For full details of user-visible changes, see the NEWS files in each module:

Flint Backend

  • If the disk became full while flushing database changes to disk, the WritableDatabase object would throw a DatabaseError exception but be left in an inconsistent state such that further use could lead to the database on disk ending up in a "corrupt" state (theoretically fixable, but no tool to fix such a database exists). Now we try to ensure that the object is left in a consistent state, but if doing so throws a further exception, we put the WritableDatabase object in a "closed" state such that further attempts to use it throw an exception.
  • Create the lockfile "flintlock" with permissions 0666 so that the umask is honoured, just like we do for the other files (previously we used 0600). Previously it wasn't possible to open a database for update if it was owned by another user, even if you otherwise had sufficient permissions via "group" or "other".


  • Composing an OP_NEAR query with two non-term subqueries now throws UnimplementedError instead of AssertionError (in an --enable-assertions build) or leading to unexpected results (otherwise). This partly addresses bug#201.
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