Release Notes for 1.0.3

Please don't "report" new problems by adding them here as they may not be noticed. Instead use the bug tracker or mailing lists to report problems. You'll certainly get a much quicker response that way.

Any patch files linked to below have been generated with the diff utility, and can be applied with the patch utility to a source tree, which you'll then need to recompile and reinstall. If you aren't already familiar with applying patches, see these helpful instructions (courtesy of the Drupal project, but very little is Drupal-specific).


  • The flint backend tries to rewrite the iamflint file for databases which are being opened read-only, which fails if the process isn't able to write to the database directory. Apply this patch to fix it.
  • The QueryParser class misparses queries such as "hello world" -python by failing to honour the -. Apply this patch to fix this bug.


No known issues.



  • Under PHP4, Xapian::NumberValueRangeProcessor isn't wrapped correct. Apply this patch to fix this problem.
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