Release Notes for 1.0.21

Please don't "report" new problems by adding them here as they may not be noticed. Instead use the bug tracker or mailing lists to report problems. You'll certainly get a much quicker response that way.

Any patch files linked to below have been generated with the diff utility, and can be applied with the GNU patch utility to a source tree, which you'll then need to recompile and reinstall. If you aren't already familiar with applying patches, see these helpful instructions (courtesy of the Drupal project, but very little is Drupal-specific).

We've had a report that the merge tool supplied with TortoiseSVN gives an error if you try to apply a patch where the line numbers are offset (as they may be for a backported fix). If you hit this issue, please use GNU patch instead.


  • When compiling for x86 with GCC, xapian-core's configure now adds "-mtune=generic" which requires GCC >= 4.2 (ticket#492). This option isn't important (the important change was to use SSE maths by default on x86) so you can just remove it.

So a pre-configure workaround would be:

perl -pi -e 's/-mtune=generic//' configure

And a post-configure workaround:

perl -pi -e 's/-mtune=generic//' Makefile tests/Makefile


No known issues.


  • Python bindings: make check will have one failure because python/ is missing from the tarball - expected output is:
    1 tests passed, no failures
    Running test: import_star... FAILED
    Re-run with the VERBOSE environment variable set to "1" to see details.
    25 tests passed, 1 tests failed
    1 of 2 tests failed
    Please report to
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