Release Notes for 0.9.9

This page details any problems which have been found with the latest release, with links to related bug reports and any workarounds. Please don't "report" new problems by adding them here as they may not be noticed. Instead use the bug tracker or mailing lists to report problems. You'll get a much quicker response that way.


  • If you use Xapian::WritableDatabase::replace_document() to replace a document with itself but without modifying the postings, then all positional information for the document will be lost. Apply this patch to fix the problem.
  • The ordering of documents when using Xapian::Enquire::set_sort_by_relevance_then_value() is sometimes slightly incorrect, which is especially noticeable when it puts the same documents at the end of one page and the start of the next. Apply this patch to fix the problem.


On big-endian architectures (e.g. sparc, hppa, armeb), omindex generates incorrect MD5 checksums. Apply this patch to fix the problem.



Building with Python 2.5 on 64-bit platforms may fail. Apply this patch to fix the problem. If your build completes without the patch, there's no need to apply it.


  • 0.9.9 includes an overly keen sanity check of one of the values php-config returns, and you may find configure fails to enable the PHP bindings with a message like this:
checking for PHP extension directory...
'/usr/local/bin/php-config --extension-dir' reports '/usr/local/lib/php/extensions/no-debug-non-zts-20050922' but that directory doesn't exist!

You can workaround this by just creating the directory it mentions (as root) and rerunning configure.

  • In 0.9.7, PHP4 moved to using an Object Oriented style of wrappers, but the documentation and examples weren't updated. This has now been done and you can read the latest documentation in SVN:

The examples are now split into ".php4" and ".php5" versions, and there's a new "simpleexpand" example which demonstrates the use of relevance feedback.


On MacOS X, the JNI library needs to be renamed from to libxapian_jni.jnilib in order for the JVM to recognise it. The next release will do this automatically.

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