Mentored projects

As well as for Google Summer of Code, Xapian is happy to mentor new contributors on specific projects at any time. If you're interested, you should get in touch with the community (either via the mailing lists or on IRC), and also work through the guide for GSoC applicants, since except for the GSoC application procedure itself we recommend a similar process of getting familiar with the Xapian code, writing a project proposal with a concrete timeline, and keeping a journal as work proceeds.

Once you're starting to write your proposal you should create a page beneath this one, such as "Projects/Your_Project_Name", using the "GSoC_Project" template, which will give you a place to store your project plan, journal and any other notes you want to keep, as well as some information about when you're likely to be around working, so other members of the community can help you out. It may be helpful to look at project plans for a couple of previously-accepted GSoC projects to get an idea of the kinds of things you should consider, although we can help you as well (there's also some help for this in our GSoC Guide). The following projects have project plans on this wiki (GSoC copies of project plans aren't readily accessible):

Additionally, a good level of detail in the journal is important, and Guarav Arora's language modelling project from 2012 is a good model for this, with links to notes, meetings, design documents, and a progress blog.

Previous projects

None so far. See also the projects under previous GSoC years.

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