This is a list of users of Xapian to allow quickly jotting down new links we come across without having to get distracted by updating the main website properly, for users to add their own links, and for projects are only at an experimental stage, or similar.

Periodically we'll sweep through entries listed below, dig out a bit more information if required, and add them to the main website.

Feel free to add entries below for both your own uses, and those of others.

Before adding your site here, please ensure there's a public acknowledgement that it uses Xapian (a reciprocal "powered by Xapian" or similar). As well as just being polite, this provides a way for us to check for sites which no longer use Xapian, and to easily detect spam links to sites with no relation to Xapian.

Sites without a public acknowledgement will be culled from the list.

  • mu mail archive search
  • - Currently powers the site-wide search, we'll be moving to an all-xapian search backend with the release of our python-based site later this year
  • Sup is a console-based email client for people with a lot of email.
  • nicegear - voip and open source hardware supplier with Xapian-powered search
  • Clevertim CRM - Simple CRM for small businesses. Uses Xapian to let users search their notes & files in the system.
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