See the ideas list for some suggested project ideas. You are also most welcome to suggest your own ideas.

The GSoC website steers students towards creating proposals in Google Docs, but we've found this sub-optimal when it comes to reviewing proposals to offer feedback.

Last year we tried an alternative approach of putting a reStructured Text template in a git repo which you can clone, and this seemed to work well for the students who tried it, so this year we're promoting this as the preferred way. This involves tools which you'll need to be familiar with to successfully complete a project working on Xapian, such as a text editor, git, sphinx-doc and make). We can comment on proposals in the same way we review code submissions, and you can make changes in response to that and we can easily see what you've changed. The repo includes a makefile with a target to create a PDF version. Please use this approach instead of Google Docs.

Quick walk-through:

  • Fork to your own github account.
  • Clone your fork to your local machine
  • Open proposal.rst in a text editor and fill it in - there are instructions in comments.
  • Commit your changes and push them.
  • Open a pull request (there'll be a convenient button on the main page of your repo)
  • Point us at the pull request and we can review your proposal and offer feedback. Probably the best way to do this to create an application on the GSoC website and put the URL of your pull requset as the URL for the draft application. You'll need to submit a draft at least a few days before the deadline to give us a chance to review and you time to revise in response to that feedback.
  • To generate a PDF for submitting on the GSoC website, run make pdf. You'll need some tools (such as sphinx-doc and LaTeX installed - you should already have installed if you've managed to build Xapian from git). You can upload a revised "final PDF" at any point before the deadline, so don't leave your initial submission until the last minute.
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