Speed up Xapian's Testsuite

Work Product

Through my project I was able to increase the test coverage of Xapian's testsuite over remote + local databases, and add support for testing using cached generated databases for honey, remoteprog and remotetcp backends. I also fixed a few bugs exposed in the library due to the increased test coverage, and (almost)removed the usage of backendmanager_local from the testcases. I also implemented a small timer which tracks slow testcases. I still have to work on implementing a parallel test harness.


Link of all the merged commits

Work in Progress

Fixing one last testcase using backendmanager_local.

Future Work

  • Start implementation of a parallel test harness, now that backendmanager_local is finally removed, and cannot interfere.
  • Create a pypi package for installing xapian's python bindings in a virtual environment.
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