Learning To Rank Stabilisation

Name Aditya Kumar
IRC nick addy
Timezone UTC +0530
Work hours 12 to 9pm
Code repository REPO LINK

The goal of this project is to ensure the stability of Xapian - "Learning to Rank" as well as work on its improvements so that it can be integrated in Xapian in the next release, as well as to improve the overall Xapian system.

My project can be broken down into these sub problems:

  1. Benchmarking the Letor project, against the INEX2009 or similar data-set.
  2. Test for performance, and stability against various datasets.
  3. Implementing a rank merging regression technique to ensure best results possible.
  4. Add a dimensionality reduction method.
  5. Integrate AdaRank to existing Letor project.
  6. Adding back end functionality to track lengths of fields.
  7. Adding OpenMP/OpenCL parallelization to the code for a better performance.
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