Community Bonding Period: April 23 – May 13

● Implemented GLS-MPT

Coding Week 1: May 14–May 20

● Fixed bugs in GLS-MPT and wrote feature tests
● As TREC ClueWeb09 Category B dataset had to be applied through the mentoring organisation (Xapian), I requested Olly to assist with the same. We are awaiting for a response from Software Freedom Conservancy, an organisation which assists in legal matters for open source organisations.

Coding Week 2: May 21–May 27

● Optimised GLS-MPT
● Wrote performance tests for diversification (perftest_diversify)
● Began implementing C2-GLS

Coding Week 3: May 28–June 3

● Finished implementing C2-GLS

Coding Week 4: June 4–June 10

● Couldn't work much as I had complete some job formalities.

Coding Week 5: June 11–June 17 (evaluations: June 11-15)

● Worked on converting Xapian::Diversify class to follow PIMPL idiom.

Coding Week 6: June 18–June 24

● Finished implementing PIMPL idiom for Xapian::Diversify
● Worked on getting C2-GLS merged into master

Coding Week 7&8: June 25–July 8

● No actual coding, just a meeting with the mentors for deciding the plan for the next few weeks.

Coding Week 9: July 9–July 15 (evaluations: July 9-13)

● Worked on implementing LCD clustering.

Coding Week 10: July 16–July 22

● Finished implementing LCD clustering.
● Initiated writing of examples for diversification in xapian-docsprint.

Coding Week 11: July 23–July 29

● Fixed bugs and got LCD clustering merged.
● Started working on indexing the sample ClueWeb09 dataset.

Coding Week 12: July 30–August 5

Coding Week 13: August 6–August 12 (evaluations: August 6-14)

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