April 24 - May 21

  • Getting very familiar with all the aspects of the node.js extensions.
  • Getting very familiar with the Xapian API.
  • Trying to find out which methods should be synchronous and which asynchronous.
  • Deciding which methods to reinterpret for node.js
  • Identifying useful existing test cases.
  • Researching query processing techniques (from gmane & restpose).
  • Seeking other Xapian apps for guidance on common Xapian use patterns.

May 22 - June 3

  • Creating a draft for the new node.js API

June 4 - June 10

  • Porting the existing code to node 0.6+.

June 11 - July 9, July 14 - August 13

  • Implementing, documenting and testing (a cycle for each of the existing classes).
  • I will add the tests in a testing framework.
  • I will document the implemented methods (some may be very different from c++).

August 14 - August 20

  • Final details, extra documentation and testing if necessary.
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